Donna Harbison, Spec Savers

Meeting of Wednesday 10 October 2019
Speaker, Ms Donna Harbison and the team from Spec Savers

[L – R] Glen, Donna, Emma and Cathy with Club Vice-President, Michael Cooney
On Wednesday 9th October, Omagh Men’s Probus Club welcomed a team of speakers from Spec Savers in Omagh. Introduced as Donna, Cathy, Emma and Glen they began their presentation by briefly describing the range of services available.  These included Eye-tests, Eye Health, Glasses – frames and lenses – Hearing Tests and Domiciliary visits.   Not all eye problems are sight- related and Spec Savers advise on and treat conditions such as Dry Eye, Sticky Eye, Streaming, Red Eye and “Floaters”. It was explained that the top four causes of sight loss are AMD [Age-related Macular Degeneration] Glaucoma, Retinopathy resulting from diabetes and Cataracts which cause cloudy or hazy vision. Having discussed the range of tests and treatments now offered by optometrists, Donna introduced Glen, an accredited audiologist, who tests hearing and advises on hearing aids. So many issues related to hearing and sight loss were raised that a lively question and answer session ensued. Leaflets were distributed to provide more information and encouragement offered to visit Spec Savers in Market Street for individual assessments of eye and hearing health. The team was thanked for a most interesting visit by Probus Vice-President, Michael Cooney