Mr Philip Faithful: The Abington Collection

Wednesday 14 February.  Mr Philip Faithful:  The Abington Collection

Oliver and Philip
Probus Vice-President , Oliver Loughran [left] with guest speaker Philip Faithful

Philip opened his talk by explaining that he began collecting at the age of 14 and 50 years later is still at it.  He has now over 7500 items in his collection, including classic cars, motor cycles, Raleigh Choppers, juke boxes and radios, die-cast models and rooms filled with militaria from both sides of the conflict in both World Wars.  His collection is open to the public by appointment and attracts some 2000 visitors each year.  There is no admission fee but contributions are gratefully accepted in aid of Cancer Research.  To date he has raised over £30,000 in memory of his father who died from cancer in 1988.    Philip brought with him a number of items from his collection including a rare bayonet from the Boer War.  He has over 500 bayonets most of which were designed for the Lee Enfield rifle on the First World War.  From the same period of history he has several military medals including a World War I “Death Penny”.    Philip researches each piece carefully to establish its provenance.   However a photograph of a young woman in World War I uniform remains a mystery.   The name on the frame is Miss Ella Laird, 2 Dergmoney Place, Omagh and Philip would love to hear from anyone who can provide more information about her. Tel 028 8224 3373