Probus Presentation to PHAB

Wednesday 17 January 2018: Kathleen McLaughlin, Chairperson, Omagh PHAB Club

PHAB Presentation
 President. John McCandless, presenting a cheque to Kathleen McLaughlin, Chairperson of PHAB accompanied by Rosin McConnell, founder member of Omagh PHAB

The Probus meeting arranged for Wednesday 17 January 2018 was cancelled due to weather;  heavy snow had fallen across the Province making travel difficult.   The AGM was postponed until the following week and Kathleen McLaughlin advised that the cheque for PHAB which she was to have received at the AGM would be presented at a later date.  PHAB stands for Physically Handicapped and Able-Bodied and was the local charity chosen by Probus President, John McCandless, to receive the proceeds of the raffle held at the Club Christmas luncheon in December.   In the event the presentation took place a few days later in private when Kathleen met John to receive a cheque for £300 from the Club.   In a note of thanks and appreciation Mrs McLaughlin explained how useful the money would be to PHAB whose funding comes entirely from  community organisations such as Probus and local businesses.  Omagh PHAB has a membership of approximately 40 persons of whom 15 -20 are able to attend regularly, meeting once or twice each month.   PHAB inspires people with and without disabilities to make more of life together and as a club is very proud if its achievements. Over the years club members have travelled widely to share in adventurous outdoor activities with visits to Germany, Belgium, Spain and Moscow.  However for many in the Club their most memorable holiday experience was a visit to the Holy Land achieved through co- operation between Omagh PHAB and the Order of Malta.