Wednesday 13 February 2019:  Ms Marella Fyffe & Mr Sean Tracey:   CAMIO [Cooperation against mining in Omagh]

[L – R] Michael Cooney, Probus Vice-President, Marella Fyffe, [CAMIO} Sean Tracey, Oliver Loughran, Probus President

Mrs Fyffe was introduced by Probus Vice-President, Michael Cooney. She admitted that her concerns about mining in the Omagh Area grew rapidly when she learned that bore holes had been drilled 150 meters away of the Glenhordial reservoir.  She was worried that the water supply in the Omagh area could become contaminated. Having lived in Australia and experienced first-hand the impact of mining and mineral exploitation on the environment she formed a local pressure group called CAMIO [Cooperation against Mining in Omagh]. In her campaign to stop mining operations in the Sperrins she got ready support from Mr Sean Tracey, an engineer whose family home is located close to the site of the proposed processing plant near Greencastle. Sean’s concerns prompted him to examine the planning application submitted by Dalradian Gold Ltd to the Government. Contained within its 10,000 pages he found some facts which disturbed him, for example the proposed processing plant will be bigger than the new hospital and the tailing stack for rock waste big enough to cover an area from the Swinging Bars roundabout to the Sacred Church and stand 54 meters high, the equivalent of a seven-storey building. Further issues addressed by Mrs Fyffe and Mr Tracey can be found on CAMIO’s Facebook page