New year at Ladies’ Probus

Val Burch (President), Zoe Reid (Vice President) & Father Eugene Hasson

Omagh and District Ladies Probus Club members encouraged to address the busyness of life.

At the January meeting of Omagh and District Ladies Probus club, President Val Burch extended a warm welcome to guest speaker Father Eugene Hasson, Parish Priest in Drumragh Parish.

Father Eugene Hasson, in his New Year Reflection, encouraged members to take time to usher in the New Year.

He commenced his talk by referring to the Roman god Janus, pictorially depicted with two opposite facing heads, illustrating that a new year is both a time of reflection and expectation.

In self reflection, Father Hasson shared snippets of his ministry locally and in America, memorable experiences which had shaped his life, and how his work has evolved over the years.

Whilst looking forward to the months ahead, members were reminded that in the fast, ever changing technological world we live in, with so many time consuming distractions, it is all too easy to succumb to the modern day disease of ‘Chronic Busyness’ which saps enjoyment and productivity from our lives.
Father Hasson quoted the inspirational writings of Thomas Merton, a twentieth century Trappist monk, who highlighted the ineffectiveness of this, stating that “by allowing oneself to surrender to too many demands and to commit to too many projects, we destroy our own inner capacity for peace and destroy the fruitfulness of our work.”

Members were encouraged to look for balance in their lifestyles and identify ways they could free up time to enrich their lives and nurture themselves, body, mind and spirit, bringing joy into their lives this year.

Father Hasson concluded his message by putting forward a practical eight point planner in self care which included slowing down, paying attention to technological use, becoming more physically active, decluttering our lives, cultivating relationships, enjoying nature, and nurturing our relationship with God.

Member Mary Keane, thanked Father Hasson on behalf of the club for his inspiring message which would encourage members to focus on their wellbeing this New Year.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 1st February in Omagh Library when Mr. Alistair Moran will speak on “Highland Costume.”