IMTAC Conference Omagh

Wednesday 29 March 2017: IMTAC [Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee]

Alex Cameron
Club Member, Alex Cameron who represented PROBUS at the IMTAC Conference

On Wednesday 29 March 2017 the club met as usual in the Golf Glub at 10.30 am.   Having dealt with regular business the meeting closed at 11.00 am to allow members to move on to the Silverbirch Hotel  to participate in an IMTAC Conference starting at 11.30 am.   The event brought together a wide range of persons from the Western Area to discuss mobility and transport issues.  Those present were representative of a broad spectrum of persons for whom using public transport is a challenge.   The conference embraced not just older people, [well represented by Probus], but younger persons confined to wheel chairs, those who used walking aids, those with vision impairment and significant hearing loss as well as those who had difficulty communicating.   All present had issues with using busses, taxis and trains and generally getting about independently.  Following words of welcome and an introduction from IMTAC Chairperson, Max O’Brien, the conference divided into groups to discuss a number of key questions including:

  • Do services including public and community transport and taxis meet your requirements?
  • Are pavements and crossings accessible?
  • Do you use a car?  Do you have issues with parking and the Blue Badge?
  • Are you happy with the service and levels of assistance provided?   What improvements would you like to see?

Some 15 members of the club attended the conference and all found it informative, raising their awareness of issues around public transport that they had not previously considered.