Rotary Club President addresses Probus Ladies members

ROTARY CLUB PRESIDENT addresses Probus Ladies members : May 2017

Omagh Ladies Probus Club members were pleased to welcome the president of Omagh Rotary Club, local man, Dr Ian Leitch, to address their meeting.

In his introduction, Ian spoke briefly about his personal and professional life, leading to his interest in and involvement with Omagh Rotary Club.

He shared the primary aim and aspirations of the first Rotary Club which originated in 1905 in Chicago by Paul P Harris and its growth to a worldwide membership of over 1.2 million.

Members were delighted to hear of the amazing support this organisation gives to a large number of charities, local, regional and worldwide, ranging from providing sensory gardens to bringing health services to Third World countries.

Ian also shared information on many of the innovative projects which are supported by the Rotary Club. These include the Jole Rider Project through which bikes are refurbished for use in Bikes 4 Africa project, Shelter Boxes and Child Vaccinations against Polio.

He was thanked by club President, Audrey Hodge